Student Services

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Student Services

The Student Services Program aims to support and encourage students to develop their potential in school, career and life. These programs are available to all students at all grade levels and include the following services:

  • Personal, social, academic, career counselling
  • Information and support to parents

Group Guidance Programs

Student Services uses an on-line career guidance program which is accessible to students on the following website: [] (See a Student Services counsellor for password information.)

Grade 10

  • Online career interest inventory and seminar
  • Registration for next academic year
  • Drug and alcohol information seminar

Grade 11

  • Individual career counselling
  • Registration for next academic year; students are strongly encouraged to choose the proper prerequisites to align with their career goals.

Grade 12

  • Resumes
  • Scholarship and loans information seminar

Educational Support

  • Placement in appropriate program level (ie: modified)
  • Study skills seminars or individual sessions
  • Exam assistance and support
  • Post Secondary Information
  • Researching programs
  • Admission requirements
  • Applications
  • Financial assistance information
  • College Day
  • Scholarship Information Seminar

Our Counsellors and Educational Support Teachers


Kaylin Britton

Riley Gilroyed

Caitlin Scheirich

Lisa Spence

Educational Support Teachers (EST)

Denae Bruce

Pam Dunham

Danielle Napper

Brenda Born

Lorellie Ketchum

Nicole Lessner

Melinda Temple