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What We Do....

For many years, LCHS has been supporting student-athletes in the pursuit of excellence, both academically and athletically. At LCHS, we want to be certain that you are supported to be successful in your athletic endeavors while being well prepared to pursue the career of your choice.

LCHS prides itself on our diverse course offerings, flexible learning environment, a team approach towards student goals and a wide array of student supports.

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Lisa Spence
Elite Athletics Coordinator

Dwayne Marciniw

Main Office
Phone: (780) 875-5513


At LCHS, we offer many supports to help prepare students for SATs. Not only are we a SAT writing centre, but we provide support to ensure students are registered in a timely manner and prepared for their examination.

For more information on SATs and the examination process, please contact Elite Athletics Coordinator Lisa Spence by calling the school at (780) 875-5513

Course Selection

As a comprehensive high school, LCHS offers an extensive range of programming. Through flexible timetables, we work with students to ensure they're getting the best possible educational experience while working around hectic extra-curricular schedules.

Here are examples of what we offer:

  • Our 140 course offerings ensure students are exposed to many fields of study
  • Advanced placement programming in mathematics and English, which could lead to university credits
  • Extensive trades programming with leading edge technologies and highly-qualified staff
  • Opportunities for special project credits through engagement in endeavors outside of the school community
  • In house modular-based programming, in addition to distance learning opportunities that encompass both Saskatchewan and Alberta curriculums
  • We strive to create timetables that revolve around athletic/extra-curricular commitments. 


LCHS provides a number of supports to ensure student needs are met.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • SAT writing centre, as well as assistance in SAT preparation
  • Strong communication between student support personnel and the students' home school ensures academic credit requirements and personal needs are met
  • Closely works with ministry officials to streamline the transfer of credits between provinces as they enter and exit our system
  • Career counselling services
  • Access to student support teachers that helps students with study strategies, time management and regular academic tracking