Let us begin the journey....

Do you have what it takes to make it in high school? Of course you do! Whether you have excelled in your course work or struggled through some concepts, we have a program to assist you in being successful.

At LCHS, our first priority is delivering an engaging and quality academic program by believing in the following philosophy.

Mission Statement

“Sharing the commitment in preparing life-long learners and caring responsible citizens.”


Students, during this journey, we will provide opportunities to make choices to achieve personal success.


Our staff is committed to modeling a standard of excellence that promotes lifelong learning. We exhibit pride in our profession while meeting the varied needs of our students in a collaborative environment.


Our dedicated team shares responsibility, communicates clear expectations, and empowers individuals.


Our curriculum provides differentiated and relevant learning opportunities for the 21st Century learner.

School Climate

Our inclusive culture and climate is comforting and welcoming, while encouraging and strengthening “Baron Pride” for students, staff and alumni.


We welcome community involvement and support in celebrating the diverse life of our school.