Grand March Ceremony and Dances

There have been some questions regarding our Grand March ceremony and the dances that occur afterwards.  To clarify, as planned, there will be three songs played at the conclusion of the grand march. Grads will have the opportunity to dance with the individuals of their choice for a special finish to their day!


Graduation Day 2018 is June 28, 2018. Please see below for more information.

Graduation Information Package

Click here to access information regarding Grad 2018 (Important Upcoming Dates, Fees etc)

Graduation Photo Order Form

Do you want to capture the moment your graduate crosses the stage to accept their diploma?  Why not allow a photographer to do that for you.  William Flegel with Wiley Media Productions will be taking orders anytime before or after graduation if you are interested in ordering a picture.


Click here to access the order form.

Graduation Requirements

In order to be eligible to participate in the Grad ceremony, a Grade 12 student must:

  • Complete Grade 11 at the end of semester 1.  (all grade 10 and 11 compulsory classes, & a total of 16 credits)
  • All fees paid
  • All Textbooks Returned

To meet current Saskatchewan Graduation Requirements and participate in the Senior Class Banquet/Grand March and the Cap & Gown Ceremony students must have 24 credits including compulsory classes.

If a student has less than 24 credits they may participate only in the Senior Class Banquet/Grand March, provided they are a grade 12 student in good standing


  • A student can participate in the Senior Class Banquet once.  If they choose to participate in the Senior Class Banquet this year, they may not do so next year.
  • Note: The Grade 12 class list is updated at the end of Semester 1 of the current year.  Students with questionable eligibility will be referred to the school administration for review.
  • Final eligibility for participation in the Cap & Gown Graduation Celebration will be determined by final mark submission in June.
  • If you have any questions please see a Counsellor.**

Credit Requirements

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Minimum 8 Credits

Compulsory Courses:

English Language Arts A 10 and English Language Arts B 10;


Social Studies 10, History 10 or Native Studies 10;

Science 10;

A math at the 10 level;


3 electives at level 10 or higher

Minimum 16 Credits

Compulsory Courses:

English Language Arts A 20

 A math at the 20 level;






6 additional elective credits at level 20 or 30

Minimum 24 Credits (5 of which must be at the 30 level)

Compulsory Courses:

English Language Arts A 30 and English Language Arts B 30;

Social Studies 30, Canadian Studies or History 30 or Native Studies 30; Canadian Studies;

A science 20 or 30;

A social science 20 or 30;

2 credits in arts education or practical and applied arts at level 10, 20, or 30;

Wellness 10, Physical Education 20 or Physical Education 30