September Newsletter

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Driver's Education Classes

Driver's Education Classes will start Tuesday, September 8.

Classes Start September 1!

The first day of classes is Tuesday, September 1.  Block 2 starts at 8:47 am.  Early Bird (Block 1) classes will start on Wednesday, September 2.  Welcome Back!

School Photos

Individual School Photos will be taken on September 10.  Forms will be handed out the first day of school. 

2015-16 School Calendar

Click the image to download the calendar.

Click the image to download the calendar.

Check out this year's school calendar to see early dismissal days, when the school is closed for holidays and more!

Our office opens August 17!

New Student Registrations will be by appointment only.  Please call 780-875-5513 to schedule an appointment.

Visit for more information.

Bus maps will be posted at the school and online on August 24.

School starts September 1.

If you have already registered, please see below to download the 2015-16 school calendar.

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer break!